ESG Investments

ESG Strategies

The following 5 distinct ESG strategies:

Exclusion Screening

Exclusion of companies, sectors or countries involved in activities that do not align with the moral values of investors or with global standards around human rights, labour practices, the environment and anti-corruption.

Inclusion Screening

Selecting companies based on the following:

  1. Best in class. Outperforming peers in ESG measures.
  2. Momentum. Improving ESG measures more quickly than peers.
  3. Thematics. Solving specific ESG challenges (climate change, gender diversity, etc.)


The company selection process involves incorporating ESG data alongside traditional financial analysis.

Impact Investing

Targets a measurable positive social and/or environmental impact. Investments are generally project specific.

Active Ownership

Entails engaging with companies and voting company shares on a variety of ESG issues to initiate changes in behaviour or in company policies and practices.

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