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WealthMaker Financial Services

WealthMaker Financial Services is part of a group of companies that has been successfully operating since 1994. It is privately owned.

We provide a range of financial services including:

  • Home loans
  • Financial planning
  • Investments
  • Insurance

We are recognised as an innovator in the financial services industry having been at the forefront of product development in a number of sectors. Most recently our Aspire product has received high praise for innovation in the competitive home loan market.

Our Mission


We seek to educate the public on wealth creation and wealth management by providing simple and accessible financial strategies for all.

Our Philosophy


Wealth creation and management does not have to be complex or time consuming and we are committed to providing innovative financial solutions that are focused on growing your wealth through property and investments whilst not compromising your lifestyle.

Our Intellectual Property


We have developed a suite of intellectual property ("IP") assets in relation to Aspire and its core business processes, amongst many other things. To protect the value of those processes and innovations, we have been granted patents in Australia and overseas. These patents are:

  • Australian Patent Nos. 2005 265435 & 2006 203531
  • New Zealand Patent No. 555237
  • United States of America Patent No. 7,970,700



Australian Credit Licence and AFS Licence no. 285043

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