Advisory Board

James Tilley

Management Advisor

Mr. James Tilley is a highly regarded expert with a wealth of experience in guiding risk assessment activities of banks across the US, SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand. His in-depth experience in commercial credit risk analysis while with Moody’s Investor Service continued to increase his knowledge base for understanding and generating innovative process improvements in the international banking community. His extensive experience with the IBM Corporation ranges from a seat on the President’s staff to managing executive level functions in multiple countries for many years. In addition he is a serial entrepreneur having co-founded 3 separate and highly successful startups both in the US and overseas.

Mr. Tilley also speaks conversational Indonesian which has been an invaluable asset when working in the business world in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and southern Thailand.

Mr. Tilley has authored business related books and many articles. Published books cover subjects ranging from intellectual property protection in software to the future of technology in banking. Two were later published by IBM for use internally for expanding and creating excellence in understanding of IT conversions in banking. He also co-authored on line courses including IP protection. The IP protection course, was used internally by IBM for its new employee education enhancement courses.

Currently and in the recent past, Mr. Tilley continues to act as a consultant for companies establishing themselves in the US marketplace from Australia and New Zealand. He is the US Advisor for the Australian company WealthMaker Financial Services (WMFS) bringing the “Aspire” product into the US mortgage lending and wealth generation arena. Aspire's US patented process provides a customer the ability to grow a significant investment portfolio and concurrently service a home loan at no more than the outlay for the mortgage payments alone.

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