Trauma insurance explained

Trauma insurance provides you with a lump sum payment in the event that you suffer a medical trauma that impacts your life and lifestyle. More than 50 different trauma events can be covered including diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke, heart attack and cancer. The lump sum can be used to pay for taking time off work while you recover, assist with rehabilitation expenses, paying off debts like your mortgage and to cover future living expenses.

Does Trauma insurance differ between insurers?

There may be significant differences in trauma insurance products from one insurer to the next. These differences can include the number of medical conditions covered and the definitions of these particular medical conditions. It is important to consider the definition of each condition when selecting your product. Many companies will offer both basic and comprehensive polices so you can choose a level of coverage to suit your budget.

How much trauma insurance do you need?

When deciding how much trauma insurance you required you should consider your financial commitments, such as your mortgage and credit cards, regular fees, ongoing commitments and living expenses. Apart from paying off any outstanding debts, you'll want to think about immediate costs in the event of a medical emergency, such as:

  • The additional cost of care in hospital
  • The ongoing cost of any therapy
  • Special transport costs
  • Required modifications to your home or office
  • Lifestyle changes

You should also consider other insurances that you may be able to claim on in the event of a trauma event, particularly income protection insurance.

WealthMaker, through its relationship with Lifebroker insurance is able to provide you with a range of insurance options. And, by working with the top insurance companies in Australia you're guaranteed a competitive quote.

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