Next home buyer

Whether you've grown out of your home, are re-entering the market or it's time to down size, in addition to locating your next home the last thing you need is difficulty preparing your finances.

There are a number of things to consider before buying a home:

  • How to manage the timing of settlements to ensure that funds are available as required
  • Whether bridging finance is required prior to the sale of your current property
  • Will surplus funds be required to cover the costs of purchase, moving etc
  • What finance structure will best suit your needs going forward

A good place for home owners to start is with our calculators page.

WealthMaker have also developed a home finance product that combines a standard Principal and Interest loan with a managed fund to enable you to pay off your home loan whilst simultaneously investing with no extra repayments. Aspire is a long term, low risk strategy that allows you to create wealth from day 1. At the end of your loan you will own your home and have an income producing managed fund.

Owning a home is a major component in your overall wealth creation strategy so it's important to get your finances right. WealthMaker can put your mind at ease by answering all your questions about buying a home and providing you with a number of options based on your individual needs. So by the time you've found your next home you can be comforted in the knowledge that you're progressing towards the life goal of owning a home.

We do not charge for our service and can save you time, effort and money. To answer any questions or arrange an appointment at our Sydney city office, complete the Contact form above or call us now on 02 9233 1111.

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