As you can see, regardless of your life situation we can help. 

Amelia – single professional lady, a Stanford University alumni


“As a busy professional person I was constantly neglecting my financial goals. WealthMaker has helped me organise my financial affairs so that my student loan is being paid off, I have insurance and my superannuation is starting to work for me. My long term goal is to have $2million in superannuation when I retire. I can see this is achievable as the benefits of compounding have been demonstrated. I highly recommend WealthMaker.”

Annette - finance professional


“Even though I have worked in financial services all my life I still found WealthMaker’s expertise in setting up my SMSF to be first class. They then worked with me on developing and executing an investment strategy.”

Andrew and Jodie - professional couple


“This is the second time that WealthMaker Financial Services has helped us get a home loan. We can attest to the professionalism and attention to detail they provide to their clients. My wife and I were lucky enough to have my parents provide bridging finance on the purchase of our new home. As part of the new financing arrangement with our bank we consolidated a car loan and repaid my parents. The advisors at WealthMaker took the time to really understand my situation and advise me on refinancing options that best suited my needs. Through-out the process we always felt that progress was being made even over the quiet Christmas/New Year period.

I appreciate the quality of the services WealthMaker Financial Services has continued to provide us and can recommend them with confidence to anyone looking to take out a home loan or refinance their mortgage.”

Bing (Vincent) - Chinese finance professional


"I would like to thank WealthMaker for the premium service and attention I have received. For a new immigrant looking to settle here, making financial decisions for superannuation funds and insurance becomes imperative. After listening to other advisors, I believe that the tailored plan made by WealthMaker is best suited. Within our several meetings, WealthMaker demonstrates a high level of patience and understanding and also provided me with their effective debt management strategy. It boosts my confidence of paying down my liabilities faster than expected, I really appreciate everything WealthMaker has done for me."

Karen – professional single lady with 3 late teen boys


“Going to WealthMaker Financial Services was the best decision I made. They are well informed and helped determine a cost-effective long term investment strategy that is suitable to my goals and current financial position. They had also consolidated all my superannuation accounts leading to less costs and at the same time being tax effective.”

Katharine - businesswoman with two teenage children


“I would like to express my thanks to WealthMaker for the attention to detail and the expertise shown across business and personal planning. They facilitated the creation of my own operating company and establishment of a family trust. They found me a new accountant who will grow with me as the business grows and working with these advisers structured my financial affairs to set me up for the future. It has been a pleasure to work with a financial adviser who considers their clients circumstances and financial needs.”

Kenan - recent university graduate


“I recently completed university and wanted to ensure that I started a simple and effective superannuation plan. WealthMaker provided guidance noting that it will be another 40 or so years before I retire and that as I can’t access my superannuation during that time and with the likelihood of there being at least 5 plus major equity market corrections that at my age I should have significant exposure to growth assets (i.e. international and Australian equities). They noted that non-foreign exchange hedged equity exposure would be better at this point in my life, as I should ride the currency fluctuations as well as the stock market. I had a couple of funds from different causal jobs and they consolidated them, so that I’m not paying two lots of fees. They also assisted in finding a suitable insurance plan in case of unforeseen circumstances. I would recommend WealthMaker without a doubt”

Mark and Sam – professional couple with 2 adult children


“The WealthMaker team did a complete review of our objectives and financial needs. Their Aspire product is a simple and easy wealth creation product, as it combines paying off the mortgage while investing. As part of the debt re-structuring they managed to have our holiday home released as security, so we own it in our own right. A wonderful feeling! Our superannuation has been structured to reflect our risk appetites using cost effective index funds. Overall a very pleasing outcome.”

Maurice - Australian executive living in Asia


“Thank you WealthMaker Financial Services for helping me take control of my finances following my divorce. They reorganised my superannuation funds and provided suitable insurance plans taking into account my long term lifestyle and financial goals.”

Michael – C-suite executive


“Even though I work in the industry the team at WealthMaker provided direction. Their advice was simple, understandable and sensible.”

Nicki - single working professional


“Thank you WealthMaker for helping me understand my financial position through detailed reports and easily understandable and effective strategy. They helped manage my superannuation funds and choose an insurance plan that suits my current needs. They are very easily approachable and would recommend their services to all my friends.”

Peter – businessman in professional services


“I have a very professional ongoing experience with WealthMaker. Their Aspire product shows that they are at the leading edge of financial advice and debt management. Their proposed asset allocation in my SMSF provides me with a secure financial future. I strongly recommend them.”

Rani Nandan - human resource manager


“WealthMaker’s educational sessions are simple and well explained. They have gained the trust of Les Concierges staff as an organisation that can help.”

Simon and Brigid - working couple / child at a private school


“WealthMaker provided financial advice based on our life style goals and financial objectives given our current financial position. They demonstrated the benefits of debt consolidation and were instrumental in rolling our car loan into a new home loan. By employing their innovative debt management product, called Aspire, they have helped us in a tax effective way on the wealth creation journey.

Our superannuation accounts were consolidated into a single fund which is employer agnostic with less fees. WealthMaker also produced a suitable insurance plan to safeguard our assets and protect us against the impact of unfortunate life events. I highly recommend WealthMaker for their customer specific personal financial advice. Thanks!”

Stephen and Maria - working professionals with 2 children


“Thanks to WealthMaker we have a financial plan for the future. They introduced us to Aspire, a simple debt management investment strategy, helped us with our budgeting while focusing on ensuring our superannuation strategy matches our lifestyle goals. It feels good to have a well thought out financial plan.”



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