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2 Nov 2020
The Monetary Reset: Central Bank Digital Currencies - LinkedIn - It’s nearly 50 years since President Nixon defaulted on US obligations under the Bretton Woods more
11 Mar 2020
Negative Interest Rates – Historical Perspective on Bank Shares - LinkedIn - This is what happens to bank stocks when there is negative real interest more
19 Feb 2020
Will the US default? - LinkedIn - Issuing 50 and 100 year bonds avoids default and allows the US Federal Reserve (Fed) to keep rates below inflation and achieve a goal of more
26 Aug 2019
Central Bankers: Solvency not Liquidity - LinkedIn - The media is full of predictions of a more
31 May 2019
Hegemony Reality - USA v China - LinkedIn - Historically, bond and equity markets have moved in opposite directions more
3 May 2019
Labor or Coalition? - LinkedIn - As the Federal election is 2 weeks away I thought it important to make a few more
11 Mar 2019
US Federal Reserve - Interest Rates & Financial Crisis - LinkedIn - I recently attended an event in the US where the former Chairperson of the US Federal Reserve (Fed), Ms Janet Yellen more
14 Feb 2019
Options for Mortgage Commissions by Tony Boyd - Australian Financial Review - "Chanticleer is indebited to Michael McAlary the founder and chief executive of WealthMaker Financial Services for highlighting the US mortgage broker payment model" more
1 Feb 2019
US Planning for Poverty - LinkedIn - There is an old saying that commentators use to say “if the American economy catches a cold, then Australia gets the flu” more
4 May 2018
How ignoring my super for 19 years may cost me $400,000 by Angus Grigg - Australian Financial Review - Michael McAlary the chief executive of WealthMaker Financial Services says that "the (superannuation) fee structure is not transparent" and the "manager of manager" model is "largely obsolete" more
13 Apr 2018
Russia, China and Iran: Circumventing Sanctions, Trade Wars, US Dollar and Blockchain - LinkedIn - With the world seemingly on the path to another ‘cold war’ it is important to highlight some actions more
6 Mar 2018
What's going on in Washington DC? - LinkedIn - After a 3 week trip to the US including some time in DC, I thought I would share some observations about what’s happening in more
8 Feb 2018
Why did the market crash and then re-bound? - LinkedIn - As you will be aware financial markets have re-bounded recovering some, more
29 Sep 2017
Debt and Business Cycles - What this means for Government Budgets? - LinkedIn - There are business (asset) cycles and these normally last a few years. Historical central bank behaviour is to address these more
28 Oct 2016
The wealth effect - Australian Broker - Over the last few years central banks and government's monetary and fiscal more
11 May 2016
Busting the blockchain hype - Australian Financial Review - This month is shaping up as a turning point for start-ups in the United States more
11 May 2016
Inquiry needed but not for bank 'victims' - Australian Banking and Finance - There has been significant debate as to whether or not a Royal Commission into the banking sector is more
09 Dec 2015
Australia's egalitarian society: Is it disappearing? - Australian Broker - I have been very lucky. My parents gave me a good education and I was able to attend university after which I more
15 Apr 2015
The 25-year shake-up - Australian Online Broker - This article explore the macro and socio-economic factors impacting on the Australian economy how the economy is going through a 25 year re-structure, as there is a convergence in living standards across the globe. It explains that our financial services sector is a too large component of our economy and that banks are mobilizers of capital, and not wealth creators in their own more
25 Jul 2014
Superannuation costs are the killer - WealthMaker Financial Services - Choosing the right superannuation fund is critical to your long term retirement life style. We all want a comfortable lifestyle in retirement where we don’t need to worry about money. It is therefore important to look at the costs of your... read more
10 Jul 2014
Fixed rate home loan interest rates at historical lows - WealthMaker Financial Services - The reduction in fixed interest rates for home loans is providing a fantastic opportunity for existing borrowers to re-finance and lock in a rate for up to 5 years. It is also an opportunity for... read more
26 May 2014
Student debt: Our forgotten DEBT BURDEN - Australian Broker - Like many readers I have former prime minister Gough Whitlam to thank for my free university education. I started my working life debt-free and within a few years was in a position to buy my first property... read more
14 Mar 2014
Industry rejects govt claims about 'conflict of interest' - The Adviser - Brokers have defended commissions after Australia’s assistant treasurer said they might not be in clients’ best interests. Arthur Sinodinos told ABC television this week that... read more
11 Feb 2014
Inquiry a chance to be BOLD - Australian Broker- A robust financial services system that everyone has confidence in is an important pillar of a democracy. The federal government's support of the banking system during the GFC was necessary ... read more
9 Dec 2013
Inquiry should limit bank activities - ABF Magazine - One way the financial services inquiry could achieve its objective of an efficient, competitive and flexible financial system is to limit the role of banks to product manufacturers... read more
29 Nov 2013
QE causes currency and fiscal impotence - Cuffelinks - The world has never worked through a period where Quantitative Easing (QE) has been undertaken by most of the major Global economies, including for the first time the USA... read more
19 Sep 2013
Financial Institutions Hindering Economy - The Adviser - In July 2012, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) published a study on the banking systems of 22 countries over a 30-year period... read more
16 Sep 2013
Money alone does not a thriving economy make - Australian Financial Review - In laying out its vision for Australia, the Coalition government should draw on the US experience. While Australia has embarked on important macro and micro-economic reforms over the past 22 years... read more
8 Aug 2013
Buy one get one free - Money Magazine - It's not often I come across a truly innovative home loan. Quite frankly, I haven't been this excited about home loans since redraw and offset were first introduced back in the late 80's... read more
16 Jul 2013
Product Convergence - ABF Magazine - A changing financial services sector requires products that cement the integration of lending and investments. Michael McAlary explains how the Aspire product allows customers to capitalise on this new dynamic... read more
28 Jun 2013
We need to talk about risk - Cuffelinks - We all have different attitudes to 'risk'. Some adventurous people with an entrepreneurial spirit can put everything on the line to follow a dream, while others work in a safe job for years, keeping all their money in cash and a family home... read more
6 May 2013
Product News - MPA Magazine - Your bite-sized guide to the industry's newest products and initiatives... read more
1 May 2013
Bringing financial services together - Broker News - The convergence of financial services is a perennial topic of conversation in the broking industry... read more
12 Apr 2013
A win for customers, a winner for banks - ABF Magazine - The ability and rate of cross-sell is fast becoming recognised as the key driver of profitability in a low credit growth environment... read more
4 Apr 2013
Digital survival tips - ABF Magazine - keeping employees' knowledge levels high will be essential if small businesses are to stay competitive in an era of digital innovation... read more
29 Mar 2013
Financial services provider introduces new loan product - Mortgage Mix Magazine - In a bid to bring real innovation to the industry, one financial services provider has launched a revolutionary new product... read more
18 Mar 2013
New loan merges investment with mortgage - Australian Broker Online - The creator of a new product combining a residential mortgage with an investment has said brokers will need innovative products as a point of differentiation... read more
18 Mar 2013
Company launches 'wealth creation' mortgage - The Adviser - One fund manager has launched a new product that it hopes will help borrowers create wealth while paying off their mortgage... read more
15 Mar 2013
WealthMaker launches 'wealth creation' loan - Banking Day - A Sydney mortgage manager, WealthMaker Home Loans, has launched a mortgage product that puts a portion of the monthly loan repayment into an investment account... read more
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