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Family Office

You do not need to be a billionaire to adopt wealth creation and protection strategies.


With the aging population and desire for transferring wealth to the next generation there is a growing demand for family office services. These services include wealth and debt management, retirement and estate planning, accounting, tax and legal advice. Some of WealthMaker staff have accounting and finance qualifications and experience which allows us to work closely with our client’s tax advisers. Just as importantly we have sound understanding of key legal matters, e.g., trusts, estate planning which also allows us to work closely with our client’s legal advisers. We spend time with our client’s children educating them on financial matters and preparing them for the wealth transfer.

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

Avoiding family feuds by parents discussing their wills with their children. Understanding that fair does not mean equal distribution of estates, and that estate challenges are costly.

Building and Protecting Wealth

Having tax effective structures.
Which children are best suited to be actively involved in creating and managing the wealth?
Divorce is a reality. A high percentage of marriages breakdown meaning wealth may be lost to the family.

Charitable and Philanthropic Activities

Many people wish to give back and so structuring your financial affairs that best achieves this goal is important.

Concierges Services

Being time poor and institutions imposing more and more compliance requirements means that getting even the simplest financial transaction completed is becoming more and more onerous. Technology does not answer all the questions and can be difficult to use. 

Why Choose WealthMaker?


WealthMaker has significant first-hand experience in dealing with wealthy families and the issues that can arise, e.g. intergenerational wealth transfer.

VC and Private Equity

WealthMaker has access to Start-ups, VC and Private Equity firms and the investments on offer.


We have experience in working with accountants, lawyers, actuaries, valuers, property developers and other professionals that form part of a family office.  

Hedge Funds

Because of WealthMaker’s investment approach is macro-economic that opens the door to access hedge fund strategies.


WealthMaker uses a wide range of providers for investments, risk insurances and loan products. We can compare and help you to find the solutions that best suits your needs.

Tax Effective

Tax effective investment strategies are important in creating wealth over the longer term. WealthMaker’s knowledge of trust, partnership and company structures allows it to provide tax effective investment and debt solutions.

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